Panzer III D.A.K.

There is no more evocative phrase to emerge from World War II than “Afrika Korps.” The name conjures up a unique theater of war, a hauntingly beautiful empty quarter where armies could roam free, liberated from towns and hills, choke points and blocking positions, and especially those pesky civilians. It calls forth a war of near-absolute mobility, where tanks could operate like ships at sea, “sailing” where they wished, setting out on bold voyages hundreds of miles into the deep desert, then looping around the enemy flank and emerging like pirates of old to deal devastating blows to an unsuspecting foe. Finally, it implies a dauntless hero, in this case Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, a noble commander who fought the good fight, who hated Adolf Hitler and everything he stood for, and who couldn’t have been further from our stereotype of the Nazi fanatic. Everything about the Desert Fox attracts us—the manly poses, the out-of-central-casting good looks, even the goggles perched just so. Placing Rommel and his elite Afrika Korps at the fore allows us to view the desert war as a clean fight against a morally worthy opponent. It was war, yes, but almost uniquely in World War II, it was a “war without hate,” as Rommel famously called it in his memoirs. Continue reading

OP&E – The Blue Goose

This particular subject is truly nothing more than a
“weekend fun project”   What makes this interesting (for me) is the personal touches that I was able to bring to the project.   But first, let’s explain the project.

As some of you might know I have am fortunate to be able to work in the scale modeling industry.  My beginnings as a magazine contributor brought me to the attention of Miguel Jimenez who (at the time) was the principal force behind MIG Productions.  For 3 years (2009 – 2012) I worked with MIG  Productions as the product distributor for the US and Canada.  During those years, Mig left MIG Productions and moved onto new interest which later became a new company, AK Interactive.    In the summer of 2012 I agreed to join the staff of AK Interactive.  It wasn’t too long after joining AK that a box of sample products show up at my door – time to get acquainted with the new products.

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