Red Army War Wagon – BTR 80

3 thoughts on “Red Army War Wagon – BTR 80”

  1. ITs was strange to me I have the Ak late set and the rotbruan in that set spray like Drying tar even at sub 1 psi. SO I brought an Ammo rotbruan to see keep the stockpile piled. Huge different sprayed like silk with only one drop of thinner. Looks like my Tax refund is going toward a swap over.

  2. I bought the early/mid war German color set. The base coat of dunkelgelb went on perfectly. When I loaded the olive green into the airbrush everything fell apart. Once I tried to spray a thin line I could only get about an inch or two before it clogged. I tried thinned, unthinned, high pressure, low pressure in all possible combinations. It just would not work. I loaded some Vallejo and it worked just fine. I like the AMMO colors better and would like to use them.

    Any suggestions?

  3. Nevermind, I got it working. I added some BB’s and shook vigorously, gave my airbrush a thorough cleaning and got it to work.


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